NSW General Boat and/or Jetski (PWC) Licence

To obtain a NSW General Boat and/or a Jetski (PWC)
Licence requires knowledge in the following areas:

  • Registration and Licencing Rules
  • Distance to keep from people and objects
  • Safety Equipment to be carried (Enclosed & Open Waters)
  • Wearing of Lifejackets
  • Responding to emergency situations
  • Collision Regulations (Lights & Shapes)
  • Buoyage System – Lateral & Cardinal Marks
  • Preventing Fires
  • Survival at Sea
  • Environmental regulations
  • Alcohol & drug regulations

We conduct courses 52 weeks a year.

Inquiries - Call 7 days a week - 8.00am to 8.00pm - P: 0434 803 687

The NSW General Boat Licence course involves the following compulsory components:

  1. Pre-Study – to obtain a General boat and/or PWC Licence requires some pre-study of the rules and regulations. This is not a difficult process but is a Roads and Maritime (RMS) requirement
  2. Complete practical training session – We have our own dedicated training vessel and we go out in the vessel and provide training on the responsibility of being the Skipper of a recreational boat, boat safety, conducting pre-start checks and safety briefings, safety equipment requirements, anchoring, boat handling, buoyage systems, collision regulations, dealing with emergencies, understanding weather and tides etc. and
  3. Completing the RMS final 50 question written assessment

The following Units of Competency* are mandatory requirements from the Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package (SIS10) to obtain a NSW General Boat Licence:

  • (MEM50008B*) Carry out Trip Preparation and Planning
  • (MEM50009B*) Safely Operate a Mechanically Powered Recreational Boat
  • (MEM50010B*) Respond to Boating Emergencies and Incidents

For current dates and vacancies and to book online please see below

NSW Maritime Boat Licence and/or a Jetski (PWC) Licence course

How to Enrol in a NSW Maritime Boat Licence course

The cost for the complete General Boat Licence course, including the compulsory Practical training component conducted in one session over 4 to 4 1/2 hours is $225.00 for an Adult and $195.00 for a Young Adult (12-16 years). Please note: When undertaking the complete boat licence course ‘NO LOG BOOK IS REQUIRED’. 

Below you will find forms to be used to enrol in the NSW General Boat Licence Course for the issue of a General Boat Licence (for those persons 16 years+). You can choose to enrol just 1 Adult person or up to 4 Adult persons at the same time. (Providing vacancies exist – check for vacancies here) For Young Adult Boat Licence please see enrolment form at the bottom of the page.

Young Adult General Boat Licence candidates (12-16 years) must sit the same written assessment as Adult General Boat Licence candidates however when they reach the age of 16 years their licence automatically converts to a full licence without further training or assessment.

If there is more than 1 Adult person enrolling at the same time then please take advantage of our discounted rates as follows:

  • 2 persons – $215.00 each (Save $10.00 each)
  • 3 persons – $205.00 each (Save $20.00 each)
  • 4 or more persons – $195.00 each (Save $30.00 each)

Note: You can use the discounted rate to suit your own group particularly when there is a mixture of Adults and Children. For example, we regularly have families book in, so a family of 2 Adults and 2 Children (12-16 years) would pay $820.00 but as there are 4 persons they can claim the 4 or more person rate and save an additional $40.00 by paying only the $195 each rate. ($780.00 in total not $820.00)

For safety reasons we do not collect Boat Licence fees on the day therefore pre- enrolment and pre-payment of course fees is required. Courses are conducted on a weekly basis. (Please click here for the current course dates and vacancies). Some pre-study is required prior to attending a course and we recommend that you should enrol at least 3-5 days prior to the course to allow sufficient time to read the required boating rules and regulations. We have also developed some easy to use websites that assist in understanding the rules and regulations. These websites have contributed greatly to our achievement of a very high percentage of candidates obtaining their licence on the 1st attempt. Something we are very proud of!

Event Date Individual Price Available place Register
24-03-2018 7:30 am $225.00
28-03-2018 5:30 pm $225.00 3
31-03-2018 7:30 am $225.00
05-04-2018 5:30 pm $225.00 5
14-04-2018 7:30 am $225.00 5
$225.00 3

Not able to attend one of our scheduled courses?  Then why not book a private course?

We can conduct private Boat Licence courses from 2 to 6 persons on a day to suit you (subject to vacancies as we do lots of training). Our course fees for private Boat Licence training are as follows:

  • 2 persons – $275.00 each
  • 3 persons – $255.00 each (Save $20.00 each)
  • 4 persons – $235.00 each (Save $40.00 each)
  • 5 – 6 person $225.00 each (Save $50.00 each)

Private Boat Licence bookings require pre payment and pre study and cannot be booked online. Please call us on 0434803687 to check available dates and to make a booking.

Obtaining a NSW General Jetski (PWC) Licence

The NSW Maritime Personal Watercraft (PWC) Licence, which is commonly known as a Jetski Licence, is a separate licence to the NSW Maritime General Boat Licence. To obtain a Jetski Licence you must:

  • Already possess a NSW Maritime General Boat Licence, or
  • Have completed the NSW Maritime General Boat Licence course (details above)

The Jetski (PWC) Licence course can be completed at the same time as the General Boat Licence course and takes about an additional 1 hour and cost $75.00 if completed at the same time as the Boat Licence (Save $35.00)

To enrol in the Boat Licence & PWC Licence course please Click here to enrol

Already have a boat Licence Book Online below:

NSW General Jetski (PWC) licence ONLY (Must have Boat Lic already)

Welcome to our easy, convenient and secure online booking and enrolment page.

This form is to be used to enrol in the PWC Licence Course for the issue of a NSW Maritime Adult PWC Licence (for persons 16 years +)

The following Units of Competency* are mandatory requirements to obtain a NSW Maritime Adult PWC Licence:

  • (MEM50.8EA*) Carry out Trip Preparation and Planning
  • (MEM50.9EA*) Safely Operate a Mechanically Powered Recreational Boat
  • (MEM50.10EA*) Respond to Boating Emergencies and Incidents
  • (SROYAC001B*) Comply with Maritime Rules and Regulations

Location: Course are held in Newcastle weekly

Cost of training: $110.00 for the PWC Licence course. The PWC course is in a flexibile deivery mode and we will provide you with training and study material by way of a confirmation email and therefore no refund applies to the enrolment fee however you can tranfer to another course date with prior notice.

Payment: Course fees are to be paid in full at time of enrolment. Enrolments can be made at any time. All course notes, manuals, assessments, training manuals and materials will be forwarded to the student at this time.

Method of payment: We accept direct bank deposit or secure payment through PayPal with Visa-Mastercard.(See below)

Event Properties

Event Date 17-02-2018 7:30 am
Available place 3
Individual Price $110.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
$110.00 3

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